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 From the blog - A message to absentee fathers

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PostSubject: From the blog - A message to absentee fathers   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:48 am

How could you father a child, spend the first few days of life with the child, then disappear? How can you live a single day knowing that you have a little part of you out there in the world and not care? How can you live with yourself knowing that you are not doing everything in your power to make sure your baby is safe?
I understand sometimes relationships can fall apart, I understand and donít fault you for that. It happens to everyone, yours truly included. However how is that the childís fault?

Perhaps you and your partner have split, fair enough, it happens, however that doesnít mean you and your child should no longer be connected, it doesnít mean you split that relationship. In addition on a more practical level it also does not mean that you can financially neglect and abandon your child.

The child is still your child, you must be responsible for the child. If you are not available as a man, fine, thatís one issue, Iíll let time, karma, God, and the child when grown up deal with you on that one. But by law you are required to support the child now! Yes by law you are required to help the child financially.

A mother should not have to ďserveĒ you so that you pay child support. You should be ready, willing and able to provide for this child from before they are even born.

For those of you men that simply impregnate women for sport and disappear, may you suffer a great painful @ss raping death.

In short you deadbeats disgust me, you bring shame and disgrace to men the world over. You shame your family and you shame yourself. You are not a man, you are a coward.

You are pond scum, you are the lowest form of life on earth, you are not even human fíing beings. (Fmj reference for you bastards)

In fact I feel I am being offensive to pond scum for equating you to it. I apologize to pond scum for that unfair comparison.

If it were in my power, Iíd do you a kindness, Iíd allow you to keep your penis. I would allow this for urination and practicality issues. Donít thank me yet, Iíd have your testicles removed so that you may no longer create and abandon children. Thatís right, Iíd cut off your damn testicles.

Howís that for health care reform? President Obama, you just got your health care reform bill passed, how do you feel about cutting off the balls of deadbeat fathers?

Hereís a likely scenario, one of those deadbeat losers is reading this and is probably thinking ďwhatever, I can still f*ck with my penis in tactĒ. I forget you are probably to f*cking stupid and uneducated to fully understand what the function of the testicles are, so allow me to enlighten you. Iíll keep it simple for you.

No testicles (balls), no sperm, no testosterone, no sex drive, no erection. If those words are to big for you, Iíll say In short, your little peepee will only work for peeing. Is that clear enough for you scumbag?

Is that harsh? Be happy Iíve let you live, and thatís only because I donít want the child to be fatherless, although they already are with you as the father, right?

There is always an off chance that youíll man up and change, so Iíd give you the benefit of the doubt and let you live.

But your nuts are gone.


A loving father.
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From the blog - A message to absentee fathers
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