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 things that can help you in your training

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PostSubject: things that can help you in your training   Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:47 pm

hi guys

it came to me today, after training, that we prob use differnent things for our training.

the things that help me out are :-

- ab ball - mint for an all round work out using body weight exercises. its all good. but you wrap a GI around it and you can use it to work transitions. its difficult because its aball but thats the point. also sticking a few shots in wont hurt as its a blown up rubber ball Smile

-resistance bands - again you can work everything out with these and they're great for a full work out. but i've found that you can use it to help increase you speed in your punches and kicks.

-a door- i know, bet your sat thinking "a door?!". i've come up with a few exercises with the help of a door. firstly you need to make sure that the door is sturdy enough to hold your weight, the hinches are durable. exercises like chin ups, climb ups, hangs and even Gi pulls. i've put the Gi over the top of the door, grabbed the lapels and lifted my slef up, squeezin the door with knees and feet, A.) see how long you can hold on from i.) arms length, half pulled in and fully pulled in. also AFTER that pop out a few sets of pulls from your arms being fully extended to the door touching your chest.
B.) massively builds grip strength!!

-weights- both for power training and for endurance training. i.) power training - medium to heavy weight and 8-10 reps. ii.) endurance - light to medium weight and high reps (poush the burn)

-medicine ball- ground slams, ab work out, put it in a bag or sheet. will help for wall rotations AND, with enough weight, throw on to left shoulder with both hands holding it at around the middle of your chest, the aim is to "throw" it off and over your shoulder to its then swinging to your right knee. then power up and swwing back to left shgoulder. to this as many times as poss and reverse for right sholder to left knee.
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PostSubject: Re: things that can help you in your training   Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:02 pm

Good topic .

No advice from me though as I am seriously lazy. Will watch with interest what you, Tim And others suggest.
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PostSubject: Re: things that can help you in your training   Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:57 pm

ghetto-ryu. have exercise matt, will travel. my only piece of equipment these days often. a hard exercise matt, of the gymnast sort, propped on walls, picked up by others holding it whilst i pound the sh** out of it. held in various ways so as to replicate angles of impact. is it a zen purist's broke arse motherf^&ker 101. with this piece of crap--actually i've gone through about 3 mattresses and i'm on my third matt [in two years], i've trained about 12 wannabe tough guys, and out of the 4 that have tasted pressure since the training--i'm not mentioning the 5th who has never really not known how to fight, all have risen to the occasion, the latest taking out someone's knee as a consequence of being out boxed by a heavy hitter.

would i get better equipment, you bet i would. until then, it's ghetto-ryu/blood&snot-jitsu/ busta-nut-kidokanfukoondo-lala...the way of the drunken idiot nasty fooker--soon to be a movie or perhaps just a postcard.

and i do a shite load of sit-ups to compensate for all the stress i put my back through whilst moving in, moving in, and moving in. i'm blessed to have an abundance of work out partners--my KEY pieces of equipment lol!

and i cycle everywhere--cause i HATE running Embarassed

the pads represent so much in the way of heavy hitting resistance, that i sort of have a weightlifter's build--a little soft and belly-by-budweiser round the middle but then i never was going to win any beauty contests...unless all the judges were blind or drunk as sh**. luckily my wife--the only woman attracked to me, doesn't know she needs glasses. i've been trying to have her put it off for some time Shocked

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

-the village idiot
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PostSubject: Re: things that can help you in your training   

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things that can help you in your training
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