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 Pointers for SFS customers

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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Pointers for SFS customers   Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:30 am

Quote :
Hello Richie,
> First of all I want to thank you for the material you are putting
> out, which is street smart, practical, based on real life and
> immediately applicable. It is very comprehensive and growing more
> so, covering a wide range of important areas to self defense in the
> theoretical and psychological realms never touched on by most systems
> or instructors. Refreshingly, it is completely free of the
> bombastic, egotistical nonsense trashed about by too many instructors
> in the martial arts and self defense and gratefully this great
> material is all reasonably priced. Service is prompt and efficient
> and the dealings straightforward and honest. What more could one
> possibly ask?
> I do, however, find the quality of the sound wanting in some of the
> videos and hope that will improve. Echo in the room, passing
> traffic, perhaps the quality of the mike not what it could be. It
> can detract considerably from what otherwise is a really a valuable
> presentation. Then too we Yanks don't really speak English, I
> suppose, and it can sometimes be a challenge following all of the
> discourse from a variety of guests in the best of circumstances.
> That single improvement, however, would in my view significantly
> enhance quality of your productions, particularly important as the
> volume of your output grows. There also seems to be no mechanism for
> avoiding multiple shipping fees for the purchase of multiple
> products. Is the only way to get a reduced shipping rate by making
> the order by phone? That can sometimes be a bit problematic. How do
> we work around this?
> Lastly I have a question or perhaps a favor to ask. I inadvertently
> missed the deadline for your last special offer as I was out dancing
> with a beautiful woman to celebrate my birthday, No regrets there,
> man. But I had intended to order your special offer of the Beta-8
> series with Ed Baker's Clinch Control, possibly along with his
> Preemptive Strikes. What can we do for a deal here? Can I still get
> your package with or without come kind of combination?
> Thanks.
> Bruce

my reply

Hello Bruce

got a tonne of emails to get thru so I keep this quick

1. thanks for positive feedback, its good to know Im on the right track

2. sound is an issue we will address on future productions I tihnk I know how to solve it- differnet brit accents are difficult for other brits to decipher so it must be a nightmare for you lot overseas! we will be conscious of this and try and get people to slow and clean up their diction

3.the whole website will be redone in terms of pricing and everything will go back to the "shopping cart" - another way around it is to just email me, agree a pack of DVDs and a price and use the "send money" function in paypal, you send money to my paypal address

4. dancing with beautiful women IS an acceptable excuse for missing the deadline on the latest "eye gouging/neck chopping" course so yes I would accept that as an excuse- use the send money function in paypal and add an extra 4 dollars for the Ed Baker preemptive strikes dvd- please add a note on your paypal payment so the fulfillment people know exactly what you want.

all the best

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Pointers for SFS customers
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