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 modern mental tactics...

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PostSubject: modern mental tactics...   Fri May 29, 2009 1:51 pm a continuation of dirty tactics really [credit given where credit has
been inspired]:

some subjects of the day:

counter intuitive responses--otherwise known as thought pattern interrupts.
until recently i hadn't heard of these sound Richie principles. i just sort of
understood that the last thing people expected was, for example, someone
to start smiling/laughing at an inappropriate moment [eg///that appeared
to hold the promise of serious injury, etc].

i don't know why, but it is a habit on my dad's side of the family to have
inappropriate responses to pressure. laughing after announcing a death; desiring to
scream in a quiet library. we're all a bunch of contrary fookers--badgers the lot
of us. as a default, it served me though not as some tricky technique. the tricky
technique came later when i noticed that it was serving my interests. until recently
it was holed up in a dark corner of my head that shared space with thoughts like:
"look at that incredible set table with all it's china and silverwear--embroidered
sourviettes, the lot. what would every one do if i just violently pulled the cloth out
in the middle of this fancy dinner party? hmmm???" then the inner chuckling would
start and i'd have to murmor that it was something i heard someone say a while
back that i just remembered, etc... yeah, i know, i'm a sick fook. that's all out in the
open now.

in fighting however, something like smirking and chuckling can be really unnerving
for others--i've been there, again as a default.

another counter-intuitive is during a choke from behind...sinking and heading toward a
person, gaining wiggle room, and continuing what was not supposed to be 'your own
forward assault'. there is so much there, it's huge.

reasons: i think it's because we are all set up with anticipatory systems, readying what
should be the natural responses to things.

the thought of the day for me, is to nurture this contrary part of our brain. it's response,
in my experiences, prove disturbing and confusing to others seeking a predictable reaction
from you--be it verbal, physical or whatever.

i think it's what first drew me to Richie's stuff. he dealt with a part of fight psychology as
an act of rewriting the script. there's just so much there. more than is given credit for.
it goes deeper than a dirty trick, it splits a continental plate in our cultural landscape of
appropriate responses.

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

-the village idiot
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PostSubject: Re: modern mental tactics...   Sat May 30, 2009 11:55 pm

Yeah, Richie's exploration of psychology and the role is plays in confrontations/violence is definitely something I hadn't seen before and I think it really sets him apart.

There's a great counter intuituve technique in 'Casino Royale' where 'Bond' is grappling with 'mr.Dimitrios' who has a knife. They both have their hands on the weapon and appear to be in a bit of a stale mate over who's going to win when Bond glances to the right quickly as if to say 'look there what's that?' and it's enough of a distraction to allow him to gain a split seconds momentum and shank 'Dimitrios.' cheers

Now I know that's 'hollywood' for you but I think something can be learned from it study
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modern mental tactics...
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