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 Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques

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PostSubject: Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques   Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:28 am

Hi guys, I came across this video, Exposing the Illuminati from Within by Bill Schnoebelen (ex freemason, voodoo priest etc). Throughout the video i noticed lots of gestures around his face that seemed a little too frequent. Can i get your opinion on if he's using anchoring/NlP/ Persuasion techniques? Heres the vid:

By the way it is a religous vid. Look forward to your comments on this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:45 pm

While I don't know all that much about NLP for this use, it doesen't look like there's a big pattern there from what I saw. Except he adjusts his glasses a lot. Maybe because his head is all over the place. But this video does ring all the alarm bells of your standard hypermanipulative religious cult. Most of the anchoring effects you will see in such groups probably happens through their rituals and so on anyway. My best guess on the utility of what is going on is that they're waving their devil around in the room. To make it more real for the cult. Storytelling is a major persuasion tactic. Naturally salvation only lies in what god (which means me/random cult leader) wants you to do. But back to the illuminati.

There has to be a sizeable number of people in influential positions all over the world who have gotten together in small groups to scam and steal money and power for themselves. Next to all things involving large amounts of money and "power", such as drugs, oil, war, politics and business, you'll find sneaky apes with their hands in all sorts of cookie jars they're not supposed to be in. It probably attracts narcissists and sociopaths like shit attracts flies. It's basically white collar crime. And you can probably include coup d'etat conspirators throughout history in the category as well. Hitler and Lenin's people and so on. But this one massive evil organization called the illuminati? That doesen't seem believable at all. There's probably more than enough corruption to go around in the world, but this reeks of human irrationality.

I read a book once about the history of the illuminati idea. It's always been steeped in religion. Most often talked about by some form of christians. When it crossed the pond to America it was the various religious groups who ran with it. And actually worked a lot of people up in a frenzy over it. The meme has been embellished more and more over the years both back into ancient history and into the future. Whenever I hear the word "illuminati" something about gods and devils always follow. It just seems like the current most up to date version of the good old devil. A lot more useful than some underground guy with hooves and horns who likes to stab people with pitchforks. These days only the most hardcore christian truly believe in stuff like that. Religious carrots and sticks must be both believable and unverifiable. Gods, devils, heaven, hell and so on. It's like that nation of islam mothership, hidden conveniently behind the moon. Or god, who used to live on a cloud, but moved as soon as airplanes were invented. Now he lives in space or some subatomic place instead. We'll see how long that lasta... Nah, humans just can't fucking think straight without training and excertion.
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PostSubject: Re: Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques   Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:08 pm

...high IQ...hyper-intellectualizer...paranoid...took too many shrooms
i reckon...needs a hobby--definitely...but one thing that is hard to mistake:

his agenda is reached by sending your focus in so many directions, bringing
in things that sort of make sense--while constantly not allowing you to land
softly in any one place metaphorically speaking. he does such a good job of
disorienting that he IS THE VERY PERSON HE'S WARNING others about. and if
you find yourself relaxing, he'll use his alchemy to 'conjure' up some more fear
for the 'innocents' to rally against--amidst held hands and singing.

neat trick. people are only to happy to have him occasionally tap their value
system, and say AMEN with relief--only to be whisped away to all the evils around
and around and around, clinging to his words like, uhm, a savior's words.

what i'm still dilliberating is whether he is the type that believes first, then convinces
--sort of duping himself and therebye being a believable person to 'seekers'. or whether
it's just out and out psychosis of leading and enjoying how easy it is to sway thinking.
he's playing the part of the fallen angel who 'is the only one in position to help'. like
blade, the only one that can stop the other vampires because he is the only powerful--but
good, vampire. the day walker.

do i expect to find hundreds of graphic novels in his room. oh, i think so. he's that self
made guy that talks too much and his friends 'smiled and nodded' when his spoke [when
he was young]. an anecdote at the dinner table these days, "remember that nutter, how'd
he get this's scary!"

i was still intrigued though. sort of looked at him with intrigue and insolence, but he reaked of
the poo he warned others against. nuff said.

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

-the village idiot
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PostSubject: Re: Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques   Sat May 16, 2009 7:22 am

Thanks for your replies guys. I didn't realise that the illumanati concept had become so assosiated with religion but then again i know little about the illumanati, it's a name that seems to pop up now and again. He def send s your attention in many different directions and your spot on, you don't really get a chance to think about what he's saying, maybe that's why i was so captivated by it lol.

Watching this vid reminded me in a way of watching a Richard Bandler seminar (religous message asside) in regards to the frequent gestures and switching up the stories and then coming back to them at a later time. That's why I asked your opinions on whether he was using some NlP. Thanks guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques   

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Need opinions from those of you versed in NLP/Persuasion techniques
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