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 The concept of modeling and "hero worship"

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PostSubject: The concept of modeling and "hero worship"   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:51 pm

How much of a relationship is there between the modeling concept and the hero worship mentallity?

What I'm wondering is during child/adolecent developement we find "heroes" who represent the pinnacle of our interests and usually attempt to emulate what we believe are the attributes that make them the success that they are in their given field or life in general. Is this a basic version of modeling?

The reason I'm curious is that I'm wondering if this can explain some of the current youth problems. It seems to me that in my youth, I'm 47, the information available on the behavior of our "heroes" and their actual behaviors were controlled to be more of a role model for youth thereby creating an image that the youth aspired to based on the "pure " hero.
In more recent times the heroes are more flawed or their "human" behavior is seen and accepted by the youth basically creating a less pure role model or a lower standard to hold, but still a success in their given fields.

Keep safe and train hard/smart, Mark H
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PostSubject: Re: The concept of modeling and "hero worship"   Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:48 am

can't see what's wrong with that idea. except that in addition, we have kids raising kids with not alot of input from wiser elders who in many societies did alot of criticizing and babysitting--keeping a checks and balances influence going. same with the music scene. i've heard the whole, "music emulates society thing' and i don't doubt that...i just think it sort of forms a reinforcing loop of identity--add a little hyperbole and you have a fiasco where a few weak minds enter the equation. when i did security work, i was more nervous of the younger crowd who didn't have some of the life experiences going for them. doing building security one night i had to pretend i didn't see a young man trying to get my attention because he was too young for the confidence he had and wearing an enormous down trench--i was sure had a gun under. some of these guys are ninety pounds soaking wet, and walk like they're 10 feet tall. this was my early warning system of those milk nursed on heroic images of what it means to be tough. one sees signs of toughness in many different people and tends--in the whole youthful folly, to take the baby and the bathwater for better or worse. when i was in with the wrong types as a late teen, i didn't pursue violence as much as i pursued strong and fearless characters. in the absense of proper role models, i saw strength and even knew then things like, "i wish i had his ability and fearlessness...minus that bully dickhead quality that also seems to be present". i often weighed it in and still chose to hang around this sorts for years, until i found inner strength of my own through some advancement of my own physical prowess through weights and martial arts, etc..
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Richard Grannon
Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: The concept of modeling and "hero worship"   Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:03 pm

its a good question

if the worshipper seeks to emulate the hero in any way that is 100% modelling, no question

the second part about the dissolution of modern heros, the way young people are so "well informed" by an all invasive media about every fart and nose pick of thier heros is an interesting one- we may well be producing a generation of kids who are pseudo-cynical nihilists who deride any sense of hounour or principle based belief that isnt completely narcissitc and self serving... without the long words a generation of selfish pricks

but then, didnt people say that about kids born in the sixties to some degree? as we get older do we all just gripe about things dissolving into chaos? in the hagakure the samurai author bemoans the lack of discipline and love of gambling of the younger samurais serving under him in his clan

I think the truth is we are undergoing massive social change in our time, perhaps even a "Rome like" peak before collapse of the culture.
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PostSubject: Re: The concept of modeling and "hero worship"   

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The concept of modeling and "hero worship"
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