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 self defence websites

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PostSubject: self defence websites   Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:56 am

Just a quick question?

What do you feel is the difference between richís website and a self defence website along the lines of what makes you use this website instead of others?
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PostSubject: Re: self defence websites   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:10 pm

the two aren't mutually exclusive.
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PostSubject: Re: self defence websites   Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:21 pm

...i looked at the website in question. it looks good. it was new to me. if i had found it, i probably would have checked it out--and really enjoyed it. so it's easier to answer the question this way.
here's why i searched out this site/forum:
1. the man behind it--from impressive psychology clips on youtube (1st) and impressive instructional video clips (2nd).

then//upon furthor enquiry...
2. no dogma and the pursuit of serious answers from those who have been on the front lines of experience.

i am, that said, greatful for the ease that i can browse/write/read/view.
i don't know much about the instructor from the other site, but i've assumed he's a good guy/teacher who knows the terrain. so, for me, another angle that makes my sensibilites more satiated on this particular site is this:

while i can't tell, it seemed that the other site was the untraditional end of a traditional system. or perhaps the most traditional 'untraditionally modern' approach. i hope that makes sense. for me, i came from alot of tradition, and desired the absense of it. i desired a 'no dogma', no 'style' approach with a greater look into the mental side of things. i desired the input of a military/bouncer/security vantage point.

lastly, and by no means least(ly) Laughing ,
i wanted to speak with 'peers' until moments arise when i am taking instruction for lack of experience. to speak with peers, until moments arise when i am perhaps sharing experiences. i sense that this is what is missing from my cursory look (from the other site...for me). from the other site i get the feeling it is an established system of instruction and upward climb--with perhaps a bit more dogmatic views (not necessarily less useful). in short, i wanted the (metaphorically speaking) perspective of a sadhu, and not an ordained priest. someone without loyalties but with loads of experiences and his take based on his continued education in fighting--period, successfully.

i'd still be more than happy with the other site if i had found it, but my travels would have--from what i can tell from a quick look, still ended here and other places like this. also, the loads of visuals on this site (videos/etc) is huge for me. i'm a visual learner. the more i can absorb visually, the more i can get from it. alot is lost in article and words (for me).
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PostSubject: Re: self defence websites   Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:32 pm

I visit a few web sites/forums and ignore many more. Most do not grab my interest.
I've been posting on The Dog Brothers forum which I found after meeting Crafty Dog and there are a bunch of very experienced people there who have been cool to interact with, and after a rainy weekend surfing Youtube and watching Richie and Bob Spour's vids, I found this place which is an even better fit for me, and I am enjoying it enormously.
Why here instead of elsewhere? I guess it must be where I am in my training at present and what interests me right now. There's a whole bunch of stuff here I don't know yet, and want to! It's polite, practical, VERY well informed, sensible, creative, open to new ideas, evolving and though the information here is dead serious, a sense of humor is also evident. Who could want for anything more?! ... well perhaps RichardB's avatar could be a little less disturbing ......... Laughing
Other things play in too - I checked out the Senshido forum, for instance, which also seems cool, but the way it is set up makes my eyes hurt and makes it hard to concentrate on the info ..... I guess it's really just all about personal preference, right?
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PostSubject: Re: self defence websites   Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:33 pm

I can thoroughly recommend Dave Turton from SDF
I attended one of his seminars 5 or 6 years ago and it had a profound impact on the direction my training took.

RBSD pioneer
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PostSubject: Re: self defence websites   

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self defence websites
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