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 chinese symbols

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PostSubject: chinese symbols   Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:54 pm

the chinese have a symbol(oops, i mean 'character', dang my western ignorance...symbol over hear as tattoo on college boys) for crisis that just happens to be the same one for opportunity.

i just slice the fuck out of my hand and:
-went upstairs not to freak out my family
-almost broke the futon punching the thin mattress
-freaked out my wife anyway who can hear an ant fart 2 kilometers away

...then remembered something:
once someone held a gun at me about 10 feet away...too far for anything matrix-like, but my response was pretty weird. i actually said (i've been a wee bit embarassed to say until now), "you better have good aim, because if i get to you first, i'm going to fucking kill you"...i think he poo'd himself, he froze while i walked toward him ready to beat him to death i think (sorry). he cowared amongst his friends and said it was only a pellet pistol... and i actually, in an instant, had to just let him off the hook--save turning into a monster in broad daylight amidst a mass of people when the threat was gone. moments after i was completely calm. nothing left to feel. he was emotionally crushed, and that gun represented nothing anymore to him, or me (in truth i've been shot by a pellet co2 before and they penetrate).

what i discovered was that guns made me angry. why. serious injury. i get completely fucking incensed over this sort of thing (laugh but not everybody does).

another time i was getting a beating, and the guy said, "i'm going to stop now because you're hurt"...i heard myself say, "we'll stop when i say stop". i trapped his leg and beat it until it blead--which didn't take long and i didn't hurt my fist oddly. he made a last go at me and i busted his floating rib.

what i didn't get really until this morning, is that when i'm injured or there's a threat of injury, i see absolute red. disturbing over the top red. so the odd thing about slicing a well into the crook between my ring finger and pinky is that i've just discovered an anchor that i can think about while my hand heals. i'm still pretty fucking angry, but it helps. also the more i sit, the more other things come to mind. times i've seen red in tournaments over something nobody could understand.

BTW: i'm quite off bagels now lol! , maybe that'll be part of the anchor affraid
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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: chinese symbols   Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:58 pm

I know where you are coming from: I had someone start on me while my hand was in a cast , he grabbed the injured hand and I went "berserk" in the sheild biting, norse god, burn the village way

I could be mindmasturbating but could it be a genetically inbuilt sense of indignation that comes from an injury threatening the wellbeing of your family? i.e. if you are truly injured you cant work/farm/hunt

or is it something simpler? someone belting you in the gob in an ego play for domination like rams knocking heads is one thing, but actually damaging you so you cant walk is something altogether more... well... "serious"?

I really dont know mate, its an interesting one to ponder though.
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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: chinese symbols   Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:01 pm

p.s. call me facetious but crisis=danger+opportunity is a misconception

the second bit of crisis means something more interesting and relevant to self protection than "opportunity", the word in mandarin is "ji"

Quote :
For those who have staked their hopes and careers on the CRISIS = DANGER + OPPORTUNITY formula and are loath to abandon their fervent belief in jī as signifying "opportunity," it is essential to list some of the primary meanings of the graph in question. Aside from the notion of "incipient moment" or "crucial point" discussed above, the graph for jī by itself indicates "quick-witted(ness); resourceful(ness)" and "machine; device."

crisis= danger + the terminator

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PostSubject: Re: chinese symbols   

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chinese symbols
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