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 visualisation for physiotherapy

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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: visualisation for physiotherapy   Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:58 am

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Feedback from a customer -- with thanks

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Dear Richie,

I have been meaning to send you an email for some time,the nlp cd's have helped me before,- to get over a rough patch in my past
supra cd sorted that ,thanks. However now i have borrowed some ideas from you if that's ok and its only polite that i thankyou for this and inform you
what i have done with them. My status is that i am disabled and having difficulty with my limbs i am in physio and all they ask is can you move your leg arm to here ect.-- that is not enough and i was not getting good results, then i came across P.O.V. and thought hey! why dont i use this and go to war with my foot, strange as it sounds it works a treat, if physio asks me rotate this limb 30 degrees (maximum range)and i can move 10 degrees maybe if i stayed with it i would get 1 - 3 degrees improvement that's not brilliant.Now i visualized rotating the limb (P.O.V.) 35 degrees and keep running it in my mind until is was really boring(flight time) and then applied it would that help? YES ,so you might comment why could i not just do a "sports visualization"
if it is just for that? Because its not strong enough,so i sat in a chair and got really frustrated until i has a strong emotional reaction then changed it
to determination strong resolve at the peak i ran the 35 degree visualization,hit my leg verbalized an anchor DO IT DO IT and followed with the movement physically and i have experienced a vast improvement in my range of movement- now i always will be disabled but now i am being the boss
a little bit more and that is quite empowering. I am facinated how does it work? My thoughts are that maybe because of strong emotion the heartbeat goes up amygdala fires up making the limbic system take over from the neo cortex enabling the midbrain gateway to open up allowing
the visualization to flow into the subconcious past the normal way -the damaged motor cortex because of my cerebral palsy and to travel into
the long term reference library (like phobia recovery?) that we cannot access under "normal" conditions rewiring a go around with a trigger to familiarize ourselves with this new way of responding before the pathway turns chemical, burned in for good without the need of an anchor.Very powerful stuff.I also have ordered solo 2
and i think maybe it will inspire me further,i know that the flavour of your material is in self protection but it can be applied to anything,i was impressed with the psyops cd because you said that the application could be generic.The cd did start to "tie in" concepts the "4 pillar" is very clever and if you can pull it off into a S.O.P. format it will turn an existing subject into a masterclass due to it broad application- confidence,resolve,public speaking ect.
so thankyou again and i can say it has improved my wellbeing --reasons above, also of course assisting with improved skill, awareness, unbalanced paranoia and fear in the subject of protection.If you have any comments on my thoughts it would be appreciated.-----
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PostSubject: Re: visualisation for physiotherapy   Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:30 pm

cheers Mega Kudos
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visualisation for physiotherapy
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