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 Pre-emptive Strikes advanced

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PostSubject: Pre-emptive Strikes advanced   Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:41 pm

Richie, I recently finished watching this set and found it quite interesting, especially the information pertaining to the psychological side of conflict. I've understood the importance of having the proper mindset for a long time, yet after having watched so many other Self Protection DVD's and read dozens of books and manuals over the years your Pre Emptive Stikes Advanced DVD's may have been the first time I've actually seen someone give a specific method or process for training this characteristic, not just giving some general advice. Your discussion about how the fence is psychological was also enlightening. I had never really looked at the fence from that perspective before. It's nice to know that an old dog like myself can still learn some new tricks. Keep up the good work.
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Pre-emptive Strikes advanced
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