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 Sneaky Strikes

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PostSubject: Sneaky Strikes   Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:47 pm

Sneaky attacks are a favourite topic (also a favourite method) for me.

I can't seem to find any clips of them in youtube though.

I'm not talking about low-blows or the such.

More along the lines of sucker-punches and non-telegraphic strikes, like the guy rubbing his chin who suddenly finds that the same hand that was on his chin is now on another guy's face.

I do know that sneaky strikes are not only limited to the hands.

My favourite is what I call the underhammer.

It's like a hammerfist, but how you execute it is this.

Your target is within reach, and your leading side of your body is facing towards him.

Tap your lead hand to your chest a couple of times while murmuring something like "I don't want any trouble".

Before you end that sentence swing your hand downwards in an arc, with your elbow as the pivot point and use the knife edge of your hand (which by now should be a fist) to make contact with the bugger's chin. A tip, lift and lean your lead shoulder forward and inward a bit while executing this to increase impact.

In case of failure (in which the darn bugger sidesteps or backs off), you'll notice that he's already been set up for a left or right cross, depending on your orientation, which of course, you'll be foolish not to take.

Another of my favourite is called "Talking to the hand".

In this situation, my lead hand is up and extended almost to the max, frontside, palm open, facing the aggressor. I'm leaning back quite a bit, so there's no way he can reach me without me being able to react, and vice versa. Kinda like a fence, if you'd like.

I say something like "Hey look, buddy, maybe we can talk this out, you know...", dragging the conversation, and at the same time, covertly shifting my upper body towards him while tucking my elbow in, which makes it seem like my hand is still occupying the same space.

So now, my hand is still the same distance it was from my aggressor, but my body is actually nearer to him than it was before. Now I'm within striking range, but if he's concentrating on my conversation and only uses the hand and feet as the reference point for distance (for his "safe zone" or "he can't reach me from there" zone, if you don't get the concept), then there's quite a huge possibility that he won't have a clue as to what will come next.

And again, before I reach a comma or a full-stop in my one-sided conversation with my aggressor, I palm the side of his jaw, just by extending my hand towards him. Again, do the little leaning front and in of the shoulder thingy while executing this to help increase impact.

I usually use the palm, but if you wanna poke his eyes out or gouge his nostrils, hey, it's your bugger.

These are a just couple of my favourites that I just wanna share with you guys.

So what's yours?

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PostSubject: Re: Sneaky Strikes   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:34 pm

Hey where did my reply go here?? Disappeared Shocked

Haven't been on the computer for a few days.. might type it up again when I am on next, but I don't know when that may be.

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Vic C


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PostSubject: Re: Sneaky Strikes   Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:29 pm

One of my favorites
As you are talking to your aggressor using your hands to help express what you are saying reach down with your left hand and poke him a little below his rib cage with your finger. He will naturally look down and try to swat your hand away. That is your opportunity for a big right hook to his chin.
Another one that I like is to simply hold your hand up covering his eyes. Gives you a great opening to end it fast.
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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: Sneaky Strikes   Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:38 am

Benjamin wrote:
Hey where did my reply go here?? Disappeared Shocked

Haven't been on the computer for a few days.. might type it up again when I am on next, but I don't know when that may be.


these forums are run by forumotion and they are full of bugs- but they are free

every once in a while posts go missing or you will post something and it will come up with another posters name on it- its very rare but it can happen

for long replies, write them or save them on your pc first is my advice
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PostSubject: Re: Sneaky Strikes   

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Sneaky Strikes
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