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 Reg Wong Fitness/ Strength Article

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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Reg Wong Fitness/ Strength Article   Sat Mar 08, 2008 7:43 pm

Street fight secrets Fitness series Number 1

Specific Fitness for Scraps

Strength: Your potential ability to achieve a task
Power: Your ability to transfer strength through technique or your ability to transfer strength

You need a degree of strength if you wish to survive altercations that are potentially life threatening, if you read most of Richieís article section you will already understand this.

If you donít feel like doing much weights just add a few dumbbell movements will be good enough for most people.

You will need strength and anaerobic fitness when you need to stop someone fast outside instead of long circuits and bag works (Not saying you should put those aside.) and you can only go so far with body weight exercises (this includes the one arm press up and one leg squat)

Pick movements that are easy to learn. I will suggest explosive movements as a main focus for most people, again if you are training for self defense/street you will need to explode fast in an anaerobic zone, barbell cleans/snatches are just abet hard for most people to learn if they do not intend to be a lifter or an athlete.

Google up if you donít know these movements: (All with dumbbells)
By no means a routine but if you search these exercises up you will develop your idea of it.

1. Single Arm Clean and press (or double when u get good with one arm)
2. Double Dumbbell Clean
3. Single arm snatch
4. Dumbbell squats
5. Dips (bodyweight only or weighted)
6. Pull ups (bodyweight only or weighted)
7. Flat Dumbbell Explosive Bench Press
8. Dumbbell lunges

Reps and sets are depending on the individual but for the clean and press, clean, snatch start off with doing 1-2 minutes rounds of it to increase your fitness (Count the reps and record them) and then when you get good do 5-8 SETS of 3 reps focusing on fast, explosive action and visualize yourself throwing three hard shots or shooting for a takedown etc.

Understanding how modern life has a fast pace and that managing your training time is crucial. A way to train efficiently with the movements is to train 2-3 times a week, each time should take no longer then 45 minutes.

Range your sets from 3-5 and reps 3-5 also if developing strength and power.

Strength & Power Sample:

For example:

A1: Single Arm Clean and press 5 sets of 5
A2: Dumbbell Squats 5 sets of 5

3 sets of Dips

(Do A1, rest 60-90 seconds then go back to A2) (This is should not take long at all)


A1: Single arm Snatch 5 sets of 5
A2: Explosive Flat Bench Press 5 sets of 3 (Yes focus on speed, less reps)

Few sets of Pull ups and Chins

Switch Exercises every 2-3 weeks and always try to beat the previous record of the old movements after you go through a cycle of new movements. Remember to keep a training log and record your results.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Program:

After about 4 weeks of strength cycle you can do a GPP cycle for 3 weeks to raise your fitness level, you will be surprised that when you get back to the strength and power cycle your lifts will go up due your total fitness level being enhanced.

This is a sample of how to use the movements listed above to put into a routine:


1. Two Minutes of one arm snatch (You can switch hands whenever you want for one arm movements)
2. Two Minutes of Dumbbell Squats


1. Rep out as much Swiss ball dumbbell bench press as possible in a selected time frame
2. Rep out as much dumbbell lunges or bodyweight (Fast) lunges as possible in a selected time frame.

You can select any time frame you want, always either try to increase the weight, the time or the reps you get, on the log book you will record down how many reps you can do in a selected time frame. (For example 78 Snatches in 2 two minutes with a 40lb Dumbbell)

Again always switch up exercise after at least 2 weeks and always try to beat the previous record when you go back to the original exercises.

You can also do two strength and power days and one GPP day if you have the time, remember this article is intended for practitioner of reality training that do not have the desire or time to become a pro athlete. These routines are fast and furious, so itís perfect for individuals that do not have much time but want to increase their survival ability in self defense situations.

These movements are highly effective if you follow everything that is said on this article and rest enough.

Fitness can save your life and enhance your health.

Get working.

The End

Reg Wong
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Reg Wong Fitness/ Strength Article
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