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 violent intent is awesome

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PostSubject: violent intent is awesome   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:38 pm

my own personal library--not as a teacher, sort of thought out:
violent intent (watched 1/2 so far)
no fear (still to watch)
solo training stuff (still to buy)

i guess i've seen clips (on youtube) that have really inspired me, trained really hard myself and (personally) feel like those three probably well round 'me'. anyway, i just watched half of 'violent intent' and it's really good. dichotomizes fact from fiction, for me validates some things and allows clarity. i probably train on the pads in a manner not completely at odds with the dvd, but every so often i get caught up in the mesmorizing quality of the ever elusive 'new' technique. it is an outstanding way of compartmentalizing the martial, from the art. the mind is the real master, the conditioning is essential but without the right mindset--you're fucked.
that's what i got out of it. and i've seen it often enough for it not to be debated. it was more like one moment after another of, "man, this is on the money!"

personally i rely on simplification: and for me that means simple effective techniques in meditation--that allow me inward stillness. and for the possibility of fighting it means (again, maybe just for me) to only bother training for the worst case scenario. anything short of that i'm just not all that concerned with, i can spend my time better thinking about what i'll cook for dinner, etc.

fekking brilliant. i drank it all up like cream in a saucer. a must see in your dvd library. siskel and ebert says 'two thumbs up'. nuff-said!!

only thing left to say...thanks Richie, my funds/resources are limitted and this goes a long way. previously i had only seen the youtube 'clip'.
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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: violent intent is awesome   Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:14 pm


cheers Russell, glad you enjoyed it
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violent intent is awesome
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