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 Psychology of Violence cd

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PostSubject: Psychology of Violence cd   Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:16 am

Just wanted to say how great this cd was! I suggest anyone interested in our realm of "hobbie" to get this cd.....i dont really ever purchase martial arts cd's or dvd's as i feel my techniques and style works great....but here and there I will listen closer and pay attention to certain people......i must say that richie definitely knows his stuff and I appreciate everything he has done for the community. Very Happy So don't hesitate to order this cd set if you are thinking about it. Its a MUST HAVE in your arsenal cheers

Keep up the great work rich!!!

BTW, you mentioned in the cd that you were using NLP language patterns while "speaking" to us on the disc. Could you elaborate a little more on this for me? PM is fine. Thanks
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Psychology of Violence cd
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