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 theory vs. application... boxing not a martial art?

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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: theory vs. application... boxing not a martial art?   Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:31 am

big on theory short on application = Sleep

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PostSubject: Re: theory vs. application... boxing not a martial art?   Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:21 pm

it makes me think of how most of the karate guys i've met train...point, tag, point, tag, point...i get the point, i
win--ouch, stop that...i got you again, ouch, stop hitting me so hard. ha ha. i'm kidding, in a way, but not that
much. most of the street fights in d.c. draw heavily from boxing, it's the unofficial respectable thing to draw
from...but in the boxer types too, you see the one trying to look pretty measuring poorly--the one with the pinky
up like he's shadow boxing and watching his own MTV video at the same time. not alot of kicking over here (d.c.).
not like the u.k. and russia. more shirt grabbing, boxing, body slamming stuff--almost like that t.v. wrestling is
also playing some subconcious influence.
i don't know enough to say, but the boxers who have a strategy of trying to knock people out in the early rounds,
seem like they do as well as anyone.
the inner city high school late teens over here (d.c.) are sort of hell bent on being able to 'drop' someone amidst a sea of ooo's and ahhh's.
anyway, back to the laundry, etc...thanks for the adrenaline rush--especially from the videos of the russian security
guards--and all their flying elbows. what amaized me most (yes, i'm being random) is how calmly they are just before
and just they've seen alot of fighting.
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theory vs. application... boxing not a martial art?
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