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 Why richie's eventual Confidence with women product line will rock!

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PostSubject: Why richie's eventual Confidence with women product line will rock!   Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:47 pm

Bc Richei bases his methods on modeling belief change rather than the pick up artist method of just modeling behavioral change eg " to stand more confidently:open hips, Asymetrical L stance. All weight on 1 foot as soon as top walking and plant( shows ease with showing vulnerability ) and think are my shoulders relaxed, reset my shoulders ...standiing right way helps a naturally lean back.." instead of installing belief change.

Quote :
The difficulty with the way most dating gurus teach, is that they simply do not focus on changing your beliefs. They neglect the most important determining factor in your behaviour: namely your belief system. Instead they fill your head with useless facts and instructions. By not working on changing your core self esteem beliefs and accumulated conditionings; the way you feel about yourself, women and dating will not be fundamentally altered. If you are carrying around beliefs such as ‘approaching women is scary’ and ‘I’m not important’; they will continue to be the major factor influencing your behaviour and results, irrespective of how much you learn about dating and seduction from the experts.

Our beliefs essentially, are what we believe to be true about the world. Therefore trying to superimpose a dating guru’s belief system over what already seems true to you simply does not work! That is because your belief system represents your version of reality- your unique, private view of the world and the way things are, handed down through generations of family influence, cultural influence, cultivated since birth and added to by your own conclusions and observations every moment of every day. Your view of reality simply won’t change because some dating expert tells you it is bad and that their belief system is better.

5. They are part of the problem, not the solution
In fact workshops, audio programs and other informational products are actually compounding the problem. First of all, they more often than not provide reinforcement for your pre-existing negative beliefs. Take a workshop or seduction bootcamp for example. Workshops attempt to deal with your fears and shyness around women by forcing you to appraoch lots of women.

However if you’re carrying around some pre-existing negative beliefs about approaching women then this will obviously be exhibited in your behaviour. You may be nervous, shy or hopelessly awkward when approaching and this in turn makes the girl you’re approaching feel uncomfortable. Her perceived “discomfort” may only serve as reinforcing feedback for your negative beliefs…Its really a vicious circle; if you believe “there is something wrong with you”, this is exhibited in your behaviour as shyness and awkwardness; this shy and awkward behaviour “puts off” the object of your affections which in turn only seems to prove that you were right all along..there is something wrong with you!

Researching and learning about your fears doesn’t help much either. Neurosis develops as a result of focusing on a problem to an obsessive degree. If you have an anxiety about approaching or interacting with women, and you are constantly researching ways to deal with it or get over it, can’t you see you are constantly reinforcing your neurosis. By trying to find ways to “handle” or “cope” with this fear, you are in fact legitimising it; you’re making it real. You’re basically, believing that this fear is real and that you need help to deal with this fear. spending thousands of $$ on pua bootcamps and wait for Richie's Confidence with Chick product line converted from his p of v, suprastate etc. RBSD CD material!!
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PostSubject: Re: Why richie's eventual Confidence with women product line will rock!   Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:05 pm

Have you tried David DeAngelos book "Dating Secrets"? That is a very good book and helped me alot. Why don't you read that, they focus on things which, like you stated, other gurus don't focus on.
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Why richie's eventual Confidence with women product line will rock!
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