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 Subliminal voting

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Carl Sagan


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PostSubject: Subliminal voting   Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:24 am

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Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: Re: Subliminal voting   Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:13 pm

derren brown esque political manipulation
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PostSubject: Re: Subliminal voting   Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:53 am

Quote from the article:

Quote :
Itís a shocking testament to the power of subliminal imagery - a quick flash in a laboratory can prime a personís behaviour some time later. It can even affect the most important political action of all - voting.

That's funny, they actually say that as if "the most important political action of all" has ever been the result of an informed and unbiased decision made by "the people". They just had to come up with a new trick right? Cause all the government propaganda we're being fed these days is just not enough for their taste...

I guess that's reality but i still have to hate it elephant
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PostSubject: Re: Subliminal voting   

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Subliminal voting
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