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 more site changes... yet again :)

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Richard Grannon
Richard Grannon

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PostSubject: more site changes... yet again :)   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:18 pm

Just making some alterations to the new site.

Recently I was told by a customer that my constant site changes make me look like I have ADHD and that some of the way the material was presented looked slap dash and that I had simply rushed to get products up there.

Looking like I have ADHD doesnt bother me - appearing to not really care about the site or the subject does... and did.

I had an objective look at the site and just found it ugly and not very user friendly. So I've got rid of it and am starting again, but this time with much more care. You will literally be able to feel the love Ive put into it pouring off the pages.

Joking aside, its obvious Im no great shakes as a web designer or as a seller of goods so please do feel free to give me blunt feedback, it can really help.

The first 3 items that were requested were one

the big pack, the full streetfightsecrets library now available here, by Dimitri a new doorman in Greece who has some interesting questions about doorwork that I will get into on the blog this week

the "Psychology of Violence" CD was requested by a wrestling coach in USA- will be interesting to see what he is using the CD for, will contact him after he has had the CD for a week or so.

That one is available here

and Ive just had a request over msn as I sit here on the couch doing my internet work for the Control and Restraint DVD from Johannes in Norway

"Why do you need this?" I ask him

"Johannes says:
Well, as you wrote on the site, not all situations is in need of extreme violence. Also, I don't know too many of them..

It's not always apropriate to chrush someones skull, especially not here in Norway, where violence is a thing that police take serious. Very serious." He replies via msn.

Fair enough.

The remarkable thing to me is that all these people are perfectly polite, intelligent and quite normal. Or at least that is the way they come across in emails.

This is the norm for me. The people who regularly contact and buy products from me seem to be in the overwhelming majority, rational intelligent law abiding citizens.

Maybe not what you would expect from a site called (there is a back story to that slightly cheesy name but I'll get into it another day.

Another thing that might be of interest to you is Im nursing yet another couple of minor injuries from yet another fight I had recently.

These injuries are self inflicted, from palm strikes to the skull and elbows to the back of the head.

Now I dont mind a bit of bruising and swelling if it gets me a result but Im not sure at all that for the effort I put in, the injuries I got (which could have been much worse), that I got as much result/ effect as I would like. When I did and other people did certain things in this one incident it got much better results.

Now this was one night in which there were three seperate incidents that I will blog about later in the week because they were all quite instructive in one way or another.

I've put a tonne of items up for sale on ebay too, most titles starting at $0.99 - dont be put off by the items being in American dollars we ship worldwide and ebay will convert your payment for you.

and here is an awesome offer

7 titles for 20 quid or 30 bucks

Thats TITLES not discs, so regardless of how many discs that title is made up of, if you want it you can have it!

If it's in the list on the left then you can have it as part of this offer,

1. Pick 7 titles from the list on the left that most suit your training goals right now.

2. Then just buy a voucher

3. Put a note with it when you make your paypal payment ( Its really easy, just follow instructions saying "add note to seller") stating which 7 titles you would like.

4. Wait for 3 days in the UK or 7 days in the US for your pack to arrive.

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more site changes... yet again :)
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