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 50/50 bench press.

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PostSubject: 50/50 bench press.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:17 pm

hi. i have been doing a type of barbell benching for a while now, its called the 50/50..its were you put 50kgs on the barbell and you get one chance to bench it 50times. it sounded easy when i spotted it at a festival last year so i give it a go as i do a lot of weights anyway, there was a big crowd and the money was going to charity so i hopped on thinking no bother but i couldnt believe it when i ran out of steam at 48!, i still havnt managed it with-out cheating. i would like to know if anyone else has tried this? and with-out cheating Exclamation
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50/50 bench press.
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