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 From the blog - Old couple in the subway

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PostSubject: From the blog - Old couple in the subway   Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:09 am

The 2 of them walk into the f train. An older gentlemen with a french hat of sorts, and an older lady.
Both of them look quite friendly, seemingly happy old folks. Upon seeing them 2 younger people rise from their seats and offer it to them. The older folks say thank you and slowly make there way to the seats. I stand in my little spot, enjoying my audience to this show of kindness.

The older man helps his wife sit down, he holds her hands and eases her down into the seat, then he himself slowly sits next to her, you see them look and smile at each other as they hold hands. On appearance these 2 people appear as though they are simply happy to be together, alive and in love as is they were first time lovers. Its a beautiful site, and something we should all hope for.

When the time to leave arrives, the man stands up, helps his wife up, then he helps her off of the train. Its like clockwork how these 2 operate, then they hold hands and walk away together.

I smile to myself, and I say “that’s beautiful”.

God bless those 2, and may they have many more years of happiness together.
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From the blog - Old couple in the subway
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