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 From the Blog - Latest News bugouts!

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PostSubject: From the Blog - Latest News bugouts!   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:54 am

Casino Error

Some lady apparently played the penny slots, she won $49 million or so, then the casino owners told her it was some sort of error. They wouldn't give her the money, though apparently they gave her a free night at the hotel. What the hell is up with that? Simply based on the fact that this broke her heart, they should give her at least 1 million, or something. I mean how can they prove or disprove this was an error? Not right!

Disrespected Dead U.S Marine

The Westboro Baptist Church makes it a habit of picketing U.S soldiers funerals. The irony in this simply baffles me. Those Westboros wouldn't even be able to picket if it were not for the very soldier's memories they insult. There issue is that the U.S is being punished for homosexuality, the punishment comes in the form of dead soldiers. So they picket and put up signs like "Thank God for dead soldiers" and other hateful stuff.

So apparently the father of a Marine who's funeral was picketed decided to sue these people. He was awarded some money, then the courts overturned the decision and slapped him with having to pay for the Westboro Church's legal expenses in the suit. Money they say they would use to picket more funerals.

Is it me, or does this simply piss you off? These people are so disrespectful and disgusting in my opinion.

Hey Westboro, if you hate the U.S so much, go to Iran, do the same things you are doing there, then let me know how that works out for you. Although in Iran I think it's punishable by death to be a homosexual, so you would be good in that sense.

Oh wait, Baptist are probably not welcomed in the middle east are they? Hmm. I wonder, oh yeah I got it, SHUT UP! How could you disrespect the memory of our fallen brothers, son, daughters, fathers, uncles, etc. You disgust me!

More Catholic Priest Controversy


If you want to have sex, or get laid, it's quite simple. I offer you a solution to your problems.

1. Renounce your vows
2. Go to a bar, pick up a horny chick and have sex with her.
3. Do it again and again.

There is nothing criminal about that, nothing wrong with that, and you can live a normal life. The only person you have to answer to is God, and I'm sure God would understand.

If you continue your path though, and have sex with little boys, then you need not only answer to God, but also to the laws of men. So far alot of you have been very very very lucky and get "transferred" or cover the thing up. But think, how will you fare off in prison? A man of God that betrayed not only the trust of God, but also that of a child and violated them? Man, I'm sure the boys in there will not be very happy with you.

Think about my options Mr. Priest, it's a much better path to take.

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From the Blog - Latest News bugouts!
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