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PostSubject: SKATER'S HEART   Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:03 pm

my best student's are overgrown kids--technically adults, who skateboard and
buy into all that quasi-anarchy. not interested in that angle. what makes them
the quick-study, the fast learning curve? they think like african wild dogs, and
not lions. they don't assume prowess of an individual [yeah, i'm generalizing,
but the rhetoric guides and it flavors the outlook of so many i've

they expect 'back-up' and all other things that don't reak of "you-go/i-go...just
you and me, fair fight". the ego of that is gone, but another massive, "i write my
own rules and will get you somehow" ego is there in spades. it lends to a superior
[thus far] training ethic. let go of the "i win/you lose", and enter the "strong showing".
the "i don't care if i win or lose, you're going to have a chunk taken out of you".

how liberating is it to think like that, suddenly the stop gaps are off. the inhibition is
gone. laugh if you lose, laugh if you win. it's mental toughness i'm talking about and
i see it over and over again. some of the guys i've taught have come back with
stories that are part their hard work in training, and just part, "okay, lets go...enough

it's amaizing just how far that can take an individual. the danger, of course, is the
incubation period of positive fight outcomes flavoring one's outlook so that one now
expects only to win. what now? if one loses with a massive ego, they stand the risk
of feeling like they've fallen off an emotional cliff all over again. it's the skater version
of "white belt mind" that has to be nurtured and kept.

"here i am, i don't'll always have trouble with me because i have nothing to
lose" mentality.

it is a piece that is admirable--not swallowing the whole skater package, even as i used to
skate...i couldn't give a rat's arse flea about the political quasi free warrior stuff. but i will
always have a healthy respect for the fighting ethics that i've seen in higher numbers from

this is an example of what is not anomalous

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