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 METAPHORICAL ME: gaining from a symbol

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PostSubject: METAPHORICAL ME: gaining from a symbol   Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:00 pm

it's dorky/geeky and evocative of D-level kung fu movies, but i've gained alot
from my snake [tattoo], not as some twattish shapeshifter quasi indigenous
folk alter anchor ego, but as a pneumonic-ish reminder of what i'm after during
a strike session or a grappling one.

who knew...

when i first got it, it was meant as an inspiration reminder that one time long long
ago when i actually got in regular fights [not just in pretty cotton uniforms], i
had a fast repetitive front right jab--south paw, with a haymaker follow up after
the stun. 'nuff pseudo machismo bull kaka.

recently my top thuggish student that gets loads of away from class practice offered
up a 2 on 1 grappling session as a challenge to me. sneaky bastard allowed his big
mate to engage me and managed a tight choke on me until i had to tap out. it's what
i wanted him to be learning so there was no complaint. be sneaky and fast and decisive.

i thought about it though personally. remembered that i didn't provide the jerky struggle
and bite that i might have before my busted eardrum [previously mentioned] and
slightly out of practiced state. then i remembered my snake and my once philosophy.

which was:
we're all snakes--with or without arms, take away the danger of a snake by pinning the
head, end off. the body can only flop around. either knock out that head [cut it off], or
pin it. it's the only way to avoid the full out time taking forever shite that constitutes
skilll less fighting.

today i offered up a second go, for fun...but i also wanted to try out if my head was on
straight. it was instantly over. head controls abounding. pinned head. contorted heads.
one point i had two heads down at once--not even entertaining the very real strikes
that would/should be coming out under real pressure [striker at the end of the day anyhoo].

the only thing that changed was a mild philosophical tweak, and i was able to drive the
point home to my macho male crew--who will be plotting before next tuesday to be sure.

we're all snakes--get the head in firm control and the body will just be sort of stuck. fight
the body and you'll be at it for long enough for the buddy to come and flatten you/me/anyone.

my humble two cents of fun--from the class that's never boring.


now i'm off to teach health to people who couldn't give a shite about it, and would rather be
sitting on their collective fat arses and sucking each other's thumbs like some kind of
twattish quasi synchronized swimming display in a small room without water. foooooook-me.
the inspiring part of the day is now over.

Rolling Eyes Laughing

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

-the village idiot
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METAPHORICAL ME: gaining from a symbol
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