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 Bringing Ritual Back...for the sake of Enjoyment

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PostSubject: Bringing Ritual Back...for the sake of Enjoyment   Wed Jan 06, 2010 12:51 am

all work and now play, and all that sort of rot

for a long while i've made an obsession of wittling away at all the un'necessary crap in my training--for philosophical
reasons, time constraints, sports related injuries, refining that comes with years of commitment, backlash relating to
my exodus from the traditional path, etc....

then i remembered when i got my back on the mend and what prompted it. that taoist balance sentiment. how i started
with adding stabilizer muscles to my routine like situps as a counter balance to all the lower back pressure of my drive
backs, etc...the idea of balance grew wings and i decided to train four days a week. two in a manner that was--to use
body builder terms, catabolic. really pushing the envelope and feeling what can only hint at but might as well hint as
best as i can...a fight. the remaining two sort of became the zen like slower paced balancing act that contained every
thing from meditation, one armed rows [pulling exercises to counter all the pressure of the punches], jogging backwards
slowly as the muscles develop inversely to my usual forward charging, and those before mentioned sit-ups. now i have
two emotional states to look forward to exploring. one almost entirely anabolic/chi-building/zen-like and longer to complete
...then there's the other that is as extroverted as the first is introspective and paced. it's short, brutish and has bugger
all to do with meditating afterward. it's the hint of a frenzied state. i can explore both now because i have my students
back--something to be greatful about returning to work. so as i explore this balance, i am watching to see how it reads
on their collective faces as well.

the surge and dip of extremes. the push and pull that hopefully produces the middle realm of growth. the balance. contrast
being the essence of vision--affording me an appreciation for both sorts of training.

may not be for all, but i like the small vacations from either extreme--and find it important to follow the course of both
for a real idea of range of states i can negotiate myself through.

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie

-the village idiot
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Bringing Ritual Back...for the sake of Enjoyment
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