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 new supra states video blog and article

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PostSubject: Re: new supra states video blog and article   Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:14 pm

Hi Richie, far too busy with house moving , buisness and familly stuff to make a video, in afct I havent trained at all over the past two months I have been so busy.However when I can finally sort all this reality buisness out and return to what I love doing, I will see what I can do.

Black Ops , Russ and Richie, how many times have I seen a well trained black belt martial artist or even MMA fighter get totaly flabbergasted when we do unscripted scenarios.The MMA guy though tough as nails , stands there with his hands down chest out trying to out macho the" bad guy" who then touches him on the shoulder to draw his attention then sucker punches him, or pulls a training knife jumps on him , holds him with one arm and proceeds to crazy with the knife.They stand there in amazement, all their fitness and skill just got side stepped.I have heard many who studied TMA say "wow I feel I know how to defend myself for real , and just after a few months"This type of training opened my eyes, in fact I remember the was after some seriously brutal shit, I came out of there on another planet and stood on the street, and an illumination came welled up IN me, and I said to myself "oh so thats what they mean" from then on I have been convinced iron clad that the methods of training and fighting we engage in are The Way! Regards to all.
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PostSubject: Re: new supra states video blog and article   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:22 pm

Right well made up 2 copies of the dvd after a little editing. Just deleted any non-action, navel gazing or the cameraman's feet. (Why do they do that.)

Watching again I'm actually not that embarrassed, its not as hardcore as it could have been but we had 3 dropouts due to injury in the course of the evening (me being one in the final 20 mins), Some of the individuals doing the drills act very well & some dont. (Not saying where I am;-)) Watched myself get a bloody nose, punched in the groin, (thankyou groin guard, i love you) & double leg takedown which f******* hurt! This was over a 3 hour period from 6.30 until 9.30, when where we train closes.

Me with a stick against two is almost nothing like I remember it, but i dont go down, keep me feet & control my space quite well, if you saw me you would know that that is a major achievement.

I will try & post these on youtube as I am thinking of opening a Channel for Devon Krav Maga. It will be a learnig experience for me & Carl can keep the Channel & probably attract more custom.

Rus, was going to say that you could record with a camera phone. Have you asked your students? Bet they are techno savvy, they are yoofs, are'nt they?

Anyway Bugger making a new channel I am going to post one to my account to test, then I will post it & you can all view & then i will receive endless slagging critiscism from you horrible lot Laughing

Ok done. Here is the first one. I am the stick wielder.

EDIT. I've opened a new thread. Didnt want to monopolise this one. Very Happy
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new supra states video blog and article
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