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 From the Blog - Core Visualization

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PostSubject: From the Blog - Core Visualization   Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:12 pm

In my preparations for my upcoming charity boxing match, Iím not only addressing the physical aspects, but the mental aspects. I have been trying this method that my mental fight coach Richie Grannon has out there.

It focuses on what to do in order to prepare for a fight. If you see his videos on youtube, or listen to his podcast, you will find he talks about core visualization.

Iíve been trying this as a method to invoke the emotions I will feel right on fight day, to avoid being overcome by it.

Personally I am struggling with this. I may need to try this at home in complete silence, so that I can fully focus and get into this place. Iíve managed to evoke some feelings, I feel the nerves, but very briefly then they go away. Iíve been trying on the subway, closed eyes, fight theme playing on the ipod, and visualizing everything as myself being there.

I think the nyc subway system is too busy, I need a calmer less distracting environment to work this skill on.

The key is that I have a tool that I am working with. If I can reduce the jitters, etc even a little bit, then that could potentially make all the difference in success.

Tonight I will try it at home alone after training. I just canít get it working on the subway. Iím going to keep trying though.
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From the Blog - Core Visualization
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