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PostSubject: SMASH FEAR PART I   Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:59 pm

How to Smash Through Your Fear of Violence! (Part 1 )

See you in part two.
Richard Grannon

Lets face it, if your still fundamentally scared witless of getting in to a street fight, no amount of pad work, pressure drills, scenario training, collecting dvds, attending seminars is going to make the blindest bit of difference when it goes off now is it?
We all know that, yet we all pretend like it doesnít really matter... or worse yet... that we aren't really scared!
Nothing could be worse for you than going into denial in your training about dealing with real world violence.
The first step to conquering a problem is admitting you have one.
Just man up, accept it and start dealing with it.
Anyway, trust me, you are in good company, practically ever email I get asking me for advice is backed by one of two major fears:
1. Fear of Violence
2. Fear of being Humiliated
These are emails from soldiers, security professionals, policemen, doormen, martial arts instructors and Average Joes alike. Everyone gets scared, its the human condition. Donít worry about it. Whatís the point in feeling bad about the fact your scared? Now you feel frightened AND guilty! Let it go.
Everyone is feeling it, its just nobody likes to say it.
The problem is psychological and emotional- the solution cannot be physical.
Want to know what the real street fight secrets are? They are all inside your head.
Yet when you set out to learn to street fight and to defend yourself, looking for lessons and fight tips, did you stop and think that really what you might need is an effective course in combative psychology, rather than just collecting more eye gouging and throat chopping techniques?
Physical training can be a great boost and is ESSENTIAL to your self-protection training, but you can be HIGHLY physicall skilled, fit and strong and still terrifed of one of the above two fears!
Whats the result?
Well, fear makes you physically weaker, quicker to tire, slower to respond, less able to make good sharp decisions and improvise fluidly.
Think this can be solved by PHYSICAL training? Ask an MMA fighter or Kickboxer at the peak of their game if being physically fit and skilled alone eradicates fear.
The solution is Psychological and Emotional Reconditioning.
Sounds complex? Well the theory is actually simple to grasp, but its EASILY misunderstood and requires very specific formula to be followed.
You need the technology to get in there and rewire your thinking!
When it comes to neural conditioning "rewiring" isnít a bad analogy. Undesirable patterns of thought and behaviour can be broken and good effective patterns can be literally "rebuilt" through understanding neural pathways and HOW to work with them- but you need to understand the programming "LANGUAGE" your brain actually uses. And no, it isnít English!
This is why affirmations dont work to recondition your mind.
The way to recondition your mind is specific and certain "key elements" MUST be in place or it simply wonít work.
Get it out of your head, how HARD you try is irrelevant. You need to have proper understanding of the correct modalities and syntax to reprogramme an emotionally backed thought pattern.
Now there are six key steps and 3 essential elements to reconditioning your mind and your emotions to deal with ANY stressful situation effectively, in a calm state that allows you to access all your skills in and efficient way.
These will be covered in the second part of this article.

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